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Raindrop Therapy – Raindrop is a wonderful, rejuvenating and deeply relaxing treatment done by the application of therapeutic essentials oils on the feet and on the spine. Reduces pain, helps relieve stress and promotes well-being. This amazing treatment boosts the immune system and aids in body detoxification.

60 minutes $100


Body Indulgence Wraps – Promotes detoxification and hydration, while relieving mental and physical fatigue. Choose between: Anti-Stress, Breathe Easy, Uplifting, Mental Clarity or Balance.

45 minutes $50

Euro Fitness Wrap – See and feel immediate results with this body wrap. Your body is cocooned in a highly concentrated salt and mud solution to eliminate dissolved waste products. The benefits are improved circulation and lymph drainage, detoxification, firmed skin, and inch loss.  Best sold in series of 3.

120 minutes
Series of 3 $150 each
Single treatment   $175

European Hot Detox Aroma Wrap – Wrapped in a hot, wet linen sheet, steeped in our own special herbal formula, to help sore, aching muscles and eliminate toxins through the skin.

45 minutes $75

Bella Wrap – Fully immerse yourself in luxury. Enjoy this full body scrub followed with a hot detox wrap. Ending with a generous amount of warm body butter massaged into the skin leaving you feeling completely nourished.

90 minutes $90

Honey Butter Body Wrap – This rich, creamy honey-butter is whipped from golden organic honey and sunflower seed oil for a silky soft feeling. The butter also has a thick and luscious consistency that hydrates and lasts for hours!  Free of GMO’s and synthetic herbicides and pesticides.

50 minutes $65

Shirodhara – A gentle application of warm oil applied to the scalp and a relaxing head, neck, shoulder, arm and foot massage. Relieves stress, depression, headaches, and insomnia. A treatment to soothe the soul.

60 minutes $80

Reflexology – Therapeutic foot massage using meridian points found in the feet to improve circulation, release stress, ease pain, and increase relaxation of the body.

30 minutes $40

Ionic Foot Detox – The naturally rich ion settings are essential to regaining and restoring the body’s balance and energy. With this service you will get a full detox that will make you feel refreshed and revitalized.  Following your detox, you will receive a five-minute foot massage.

30 minutes $45

Infrared Sauna (COMING SOON!) – A sauna treatment is a place to heal. It helps to detoxify, lower blood pressure, improves circulation, heal wounds, helps with weight loss, arthritis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and certain skin conditions by heating the body directly, causing a rise in core temperature. This results in a deep detoxing sweat at the cellular level where toxins reside. It is also a quiet time to relax and reflect.

10 minutes $10
15 minutes $15
30 minutes $30

About Spa Bella

Here at Spa Bella, it is our sincere hope that we can support you in finding more meaning and balance in your life. We offer a peaceful and pleasant environment that promotes health, beauty and relaxation. We believe that every man and woman is beautiful. It is our mission to make you feel beautiful. Your body is our business.

Things to know:

Give the gifts of beauty and relaxation to someone you care about. Prices are subject to change without notice. Purchase in store or online. Purchase Online
Early arrival allows clients the necessary time to reduce stress and focus the mind. In order to service every client, we must ask you to arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment so services will not have to be shortened.
Because your services are exclusively reserved for you, a credit card will be required to hold your appointments. We ask that you notify us at least 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule. If you fail to contact us, a charge of 25% of services scheduled will be charged to your credit card.
Monday thru Friday 9:00 to 7:00pm and Saturday 9:00am to 5:00pm.

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